5 Great Reasons to Learn Music – Part 3: Personal Satisfaction

“70% of those who were involved in music say that it was at least somewhat influential in contributing to their current level of personal fulfillment.”
Harris Interactive Inc.  (2008).  MENC Executive Omnibus Results Summary

That’s not very surprising, is it? Who doesn’t like music? Whether it is on a passive level where we just listen to music selections with a broader more informed understanding, or where we keep participating in musical activities throughout our life, people find that having learned music is integral to their personal satisfaction. From this we can conclude, personal satisfaction with having learned to be literate in music is an important reason to learn music.

I have played in many community orchestras and bands as well as paid positions in different musical venues. In most of these gigs I knew people in their 70’s and 80’s who played very well.  They had been playing all of their lives in some form or another and made a living doing other things. When I lived in Los Alamos, NM,  I played in a community band that was peopled by more scientists that worked at the national labs than any other players. These very busy people took great pleasure and much of their spare time to practice and play in that band. This tradition goes back all the way to  Oppenheimer and his group of scientists. Oppenheimer played in a string quintet with others that worked with him.  It would be safe for me to say that it was a great contributor to their personal satisfaction with their lives. It was socially and personally fun. For them, it was a life long pursuit.

Loving music is a great reason to learn it. We all love music, and if I have my way everyone will be able to learn to be literate in music. Music is everywhere and yet so many don’t know about what they are hearing.  They know if they like it or not. They feel a connection to the type of music that moves them, as well as the tribe of people who also love that type of music. It gives us connections to a group and a sense of belonging to that group. Imagine if your child could learn to be literate in music by the 5th grade. The connections with others could be two-fold. They would be able to talk with their tribe of music lovers with more knowledge and deeper understanding. Their personal satisfaction would multiply from having learned to be literate in music.

Learning to read and be literate in music affords us a wonderful opportunity to express our creativity.  Everyone likes to be creative. That is why hobby stores are so prevalent in our world.  Being creative with music is already a very popular pastime. People show their creativity by singing and playing in community groups. They go online and remix music that they love. There are so many song writers both online and off. They spend lots of money and time expressing their creativity through music. Again, imagine the creativity these people could express having been given a chance to be literate in music. Some would go pro, others would work at other things but use their knowledge of music to have greater personal satisfaction in their lives by being able to express their creativity through music.

One of the best, most far-reaching reasons to learn music is to increase our personal satisfaction with our lives. Isn’t what it’s all about? Giving ourselves and our children a better life.

One of the reasons we created the Amarant Music system is that we believe this premium music system will increase the personal satisfaction and educational opportunities for all children.  We want all children to be literate in music and have the benefits that accompany this literacy. If you agree, please visit our Kickstarter page and help us to get this to children around the world.







Author: Laura Matthews, CCO Amarant Education

Degree: BME, minor English Taught Band, Elementary music and Privately

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